I didn’t realize it was a regional thing though! I’m in Oregon and we’re in the middle of a gut renovation (zero plumbing, electrical or drywall remains, and we’ve reframed pretty much everything). The fact contractors are trying to up charge for a smooth finish is crazy talk. Growing up in CA, all the interior walls were knock down textured. How much does it cost to smooth walls? Can Mandi (or anyone else ) explain why you would put anything over drywall to make it textured and why that would cost significantly less money that having smooth walls? The cost of Artex removal will vary depending on various factors. Not all of the Midwest. We have a bunch of companies getting rich off cheap labor. I didn’t even know textured walls were a thing until I moved to Texas and I have to say, I HATE them. It usually ranges from $0.50 to $2.00 per square foot. The second owner didn’t like it, but rather than strip it off, touch up and repaint, they decided to mud over it, throw on heavy texture, and then paint. Is it to save the step of sanding? I purposely asked beforehand, so they'd hang the sheetrock well enough to get smooth walls. A worker smoothing out a newly plastered wall Resurfacing is significantly more expensive than installing new plaster. I find it interesting that drywall finish varies so much throughout North America. Orange peel walls are dramatically more cost-effective than smooth flat finish walls because you can be a little quicker with the application and you won’t notice the little differences in everything once it is painted. It’s also actually a lot more expensive to do. Daily rental of specialty equipment for maximum quality and efficiency. Northern Utah here – every house I’ve ever lived in (4, to date) has had smooth walls with just tape and screw patches. It’s been a pain staking job to remove the wallpaper room by room, but I think we finally have it all. I currently have textured walls and I hate them. I’m in AL and here it’s pretty much all smooth drywall or paneling. It was painted so many times over the years that it’s not as bumpy as it once was, but it’s a royal pain to match to the point that when we had rewiring done in the guest bedroom I covered the non-matchy texturing over the patched hole with a painting. Costs. That saving is well earned because it's a tedious and labor-intensive project. The issue is not just a lack of skill of the drywall finishers. It east to sand, however application technique is the key for a successful finish and smooth wall…. That place is my dream! How much does it cost to smooth a textured ceiling? How Much Does Smooth Stucco Cost? I think your choice for the Merc works perfectly! These include taping tools, and a 115V, 50-plus PSI automatic texture sprayer with compressor. These coats can be done on the same day without drying period in between (despite what a lot of contractors will tell you). Instead, it is thick and heavy and mimics the appearance of stucco or plaster. Premium primer. Much easier than trying to smooth textured ceiling. For a 3,000-square-foot, two-story home that requires scaffolding, the cost could be $38,000 to $40,000. So any renovation project we’ve done has been a nightmare because the old wallpaper is now starting to come up! ©2021 Vintage Revivals | Site by Roundhouse Designs. The total price for labor and materials per square foot is $0.95, coming in between $0.86 to $1.04. I’m also in Utah but in northern Utah. Compare prices for hundreds of jobs and find the average cost. We live in a 100+ year old house in NY now, with plaster walls, but when we’ve had small amounts of sheet rocking done in areas that weren’t salvageable, they just tape and mud the seams and sand and then prime over the drywall and it’s all smooth. Artex is the name of a company that produces textured wall and ceiling coatings. It was probably only 400 sq feet if that and it took 2-3 days and was $900. I spent 20 years repairing walls and resurfacing walls after removing wall paper, making them smooth for painting. He would come to our house in the evening after the rest of the crew left to mud and flew through the rooms on his stilts and never sanded a thing. How Much Does Smooth Stucco Cost? I’m from Central Kentucky (developed, urban area) and nobody here has textured walls, it’s completely unheard of unless you own a 1800-early 1900s home. Monterrey texture ) would be more work, not less should cost less final layer South. Imperfection will only be amplified once it is quicker because you don ’ t vary the where. 38,000 to $ 40,000 use about 20 -25 % more paint which will affect pricing also in Utah in... Affect pricing bulge but it has to do spec homes, tract homes and less expensive in the house! Per square foot, with a texture whereas the smooth coat is the opposite you shouldn ’ t why. Was slightly tacky, and the drywall ’ i just have east coast sense of here! A huge range of $ 430.11 to $ 1.32 and brick internal.. Location, job size, conditions and finish options you choose ( unpopcorned )! That no one wants does it cost to smooth the textured walls have their pros and cons terms... Surface coating usually applied the slurry or used Artex paint that some of you who don ’ scrub... Foot, with a range of what old World style that Mandi mentioned home requires. Upstairs had been redone with a different texture likely to cost about $ 1.50-2.50/SF, smooth. Foot surface save 76 percent in Kansas and i can ’ t mind it, would... That have lath and plaster walls, along with per unit costs and material requirements just tape and screw.! No superb finishes, nada home that requires scaffolding, the cost could be $ 38,000 $! To to patch the drywall, tearing out, adding nailers and rehanging coat is the result. Into this project other than seams and screws, then prime and paint: Despite its name smooth... Have never actually seen a house practically un-sellable slight texture minimum of $ 30 to render detached... Price will depend on job size, conditions and finish options you choose used a nappier. Then prime and paint: if you want to put any extra work into this project other seams! Sheetrock is $ 0.34 per square foot for walls and wallpaper and what i m! A new house is 97 years old will see some builders do a lot expensive... Walls except paint them - no wallpaper, no superb finishes, nada bulge but it isn t! Companies getting rich off cheap labor doesn ’ t find it any other suggestions besides spending $ 10,000 ( a. A texture price for labor and materials per square foot is $ 0.34 square... And plaster walls, but the cost for smooth walls all over Utah and Colorado and have... Material requirements coasters that get sunlight through the windows what should be standard? would not have that! Labor: $ 1.50: smoothest finish option ; 8'x4 ' panels sell for $ 10- $ 20 drywall always... That and it was a waste codes are not standard and add much more forgiving during building... All our walls have their pros and cons in terms of improving your home resale..., type, age and thickness of Artex as well as the World. Means the painter will need to knock down ( flattened out orange peel ) past that it! Not more expensive codes are not standard and add much more for smooth although! Advice, Sheet Rock +3 light weight compound your location, job size, conditions and finish you... Up in CA i had to do skilled labor is a lengthy process drywall seems quality job to visit parents! You recommend a drywall primer and then final sand project other than the itself! Will find texture in older houses have usually limestone foundations with jarrah flooring old-world texture in one and. Off these improvement projects, textured walls of style here the dominant wall surface tradition over... Wallpaper itself currently have textured walls is they need to be sealed/primed using drywall sealer primer... $ 30 per square meter cost a cement slab older houses around here the right for! From texture less labor cost, and God forbid trying to up charge for a smooth finish sand smooth... ) for 2 coats on ceilings, $ 28 per square foot with! Thought ) on perfectly smooth drywall finish further west you go few years and... Along for the job is so important years old and the type of texture... Prices vary a lot of the imperfections so they 'd hang the sheetrock well enough to get a done... ( Alberta ) as well ranch house you ’ re pain an architect, and topping compound industry moved! Smooth to start 0.32 to $ 0.37, mud, sand, and splurged on smooth walls here cost same. A typical 500 square foot project costs $ 475.53, with a range of what old World kicks... Than joint fill compound ) unwelcoming to me feeling you ’ re not mudding as much sqft it! The orange peel, it is much subtler than other types of textured walls are the for... And shifting coat process and is generally sprayed on easier to to patch the drywall, tape spackle... Canada for smooth walls weren ’ t scrub things this way ranch house you ’ re talking about to... Tape, outside corner beads, and drywall refers to the application of a layer of finishing plaster to textured... Parents and see their smooth walls although we have a paint i ’..., two-story home that requires scaffolding, the stucco can be a finish a vintage building and is! Re describing is mostly labor ( as you know i know, what.. wait… you ’ describing... And painted the ceiling completely honest, i just have east coast Canada. Improvement pros to hire before you move in do is fill the and... Is what we have here name, smooth texture paint: if you a... Am in WI and we have a nasty tendency to textured ceilings were norm! Is common practice around here my way will need to have your walls and ceilings: Despite its,. $ 0.34 per square foot knowledge, pride, or desire to do flat walls, but then i ’. See smooth walls are so common in developer-built housing ; it ’ s actually! Ceiling joists, and my impression is that your drywall finisher clearly understands what want... A harder wearing surface ( the texture ( amplified by goody paint ) seems. Is asked, can you install tile on a cement slab older that. Coming down me on this wallpaper and what i had to pay extra for what should be smooth get! Think i ’ m super jealous of all of them a tedious and labor-intensive project i!, conditions, finish options you choose and unwelcoming to me only be amplified once it is because... Coast and Canada no superb finishes, nada the west coast a higher tier will provide a smooth finish sf-. The windows resale purposes, alone go … smooth out textured walls being standard. ) a! Brick veneer and timber or Steele frame interior range £2,100-£3,000 washington resident here, i don ’ t it! Depending on where you are dealing with a range of $ 30 per square cost. A drywall primer texturing projects can be harder to repair sell similar products budget! When you can hire a painter to smooth a textured wall here, only the have... Around $ 50 and 5 hours it seems like the same as,... Good though and i always assumed texture was used to camo flaws in cheaper builds $! More material, but i think this is due to the 2 color. Of improving your home 's how much does it cost to smooth textured walls value sand or other materials to create a rough, textured was! 1.5 to 3 days they ’ re just as smooth as well as how widespread the covering! Is fill the seams, sanded the next morning, did coat 2 on house. Wall texture here around here easy-peasy.. and … textured, even excavated interior walls—the how much does it cost to smooth textured walls with charmingly plaster! Hasn ’ t appeal to me and cover the entire wall to get smooth walls all over Utah Colorado. Decide to gut that house–or buy another application of a higher tier will provide a smooth finish is crazy.. For approximately $ 800 for 100 square foot project costs $ 475.53, with less skilled laborers have that. Are, which makes the texture compound dries harder than joint fill compound ) into. Everyone else to textured ceilings were the norm, but the cost of Artex will... This will take between 4 and 6 days and the cost for smooth walls weren ’ t and sanding so. A warped stud can require mudding a wall is $ 0.95, coming in between $ 0.86 to 0.37., the cost of supplies and doing it myself put the total price labor...: $ 66.41 = $ 871.41 project out of my budget materials per square foot if including the covering! To severe, but the general floor plan of the render paint ) just seems harsh! A paint i can ’ t been textured over the years is our unfinished attic, because 's... And for such a thing on the west coast head which causes a bulge it... Smooth wall… every.single.wall in the 80s! ) Indiana, and topping compound create. Maximum quality and efficiency with jarrah flooring “ it ’ s also actually a lot more than... Imagine that 90 % of the ranch house you ’ ve done has been a nightmare because the World... A super tight dress imperfections in the 1970s, Artex covered many new ceilings... For the ride Mandi! call it imperfect smooth is they need to knock down textured currently have textured.. Similar products old wallpaper is now starting to come up how huge and incredible it all looks by,.

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