- Gehenna. Elton John also took home the Grammy Award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. However, it is easy to get lost in the gorgeous, soaring arrangement and sing along with the chorus that has more than a hint of country sway. This song has melodies that can not be ignored and that vibe. I have sung it to my adopted daughter many times. My favourite Elton John song of all time. So much emotion in his voice. This is by far the best Elton John song. Now that one of the music industry’s greatest ever idols is on the verge of ending his career, we thought it was best to look back at some of his greatest ever songs. The remaining three songs were released in 1989 as part of The Complete Thom Bell Sessions. 1 Why He And His Songs Rock 2 Bad Qualities 3 Discography 3.1 Studio albums 3.2 Collaboration albums 3.3 Soundtrack albums 4 Trivia His production is amazing. Elton John: 10 Best Classic Rock Songs. Actually it is a shame that this Songs not even appears on the "Best Songs of All Times" list. Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. 38 on the list below of John's biggest Hot 100 hits.) And I think it's going to be a long long time. A really sad, heartfelt song perfect to have a good ‘ol cry to. His early life, how he chose his stage name etc… I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane. "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me" reached #2 when first released as a single. It's so much fun to sing along to! What I thought, at 16, were vague connections to pursuing one's dream and 'the yellow brick road' hold a broader and more profound meaning today. My intro to Elton John. Ben Folds and country singer Tim McGraw have both recorded covers of "Tiny Dancer.". "Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word" has a distinctively sad sound compared with most Elton John pop hits. The best part is the verse leading directly to the chorus; I just get so involved every time I hear it. Top 10 Elton song ever. After the huge hit that was the double A-sided " Sacrifice / Healing Hands " single, which was the third best-selling single of 1990 in the United Kingdom, the album became an instant smash in that country. Philadelphia Freedom should be in the top 5 easily. 10 'This Train Don’t Stop There Anymore' From: 'Songs From The West Coast' (2001) Although his modern work hasn’t had the same impact on the charts as his '70s records, Elton John … Too many great Elton John songs to really pick a favourite, but I do really love this one. The best song for making up with someone you love or care about. I cried when he first sang this on the People's Princess' funeral and till this day, there hasn't been a time when I heard this song and didn't cry. Voices The Top 10: Underrated Elton John songs. The self-deprecating concept behind the song struck a chord with pop music fans around the world. News Elton John Shortlisted For ‘Best Original Song’ Oscars For ‘Rocketman’ And ‘The Lion King’ Songs. I got hooked from the muppet show. It was his breakthrough song, for a reason. I absolutely love this song. His vocal range is killer and highly emotive. The intro is absolutely epic and perfectly describes the pain of losing a loved one. Elton John and Bernie Taupin wrote, "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" under the pseudonyms Ann Orson and Carte Blanche. Despite sounding like an autobiographical song, Bernie Taupin wrote "Daniel" about a fictional character. Do You Agree? If it wasn't for his piano in this song it wouldn't have been my number one song. This song has a feel to it that no other rock/jazz rock whatever else you want to call it has. The recording is built around Elton John's solo voice and piano, but Paul Buckmaster's string arrangement builds the song into something much more epic. Elton John: Best Of By Elton John. "Island Girl" was the first single from Elton John's 1975 album Rock of the Westies, his second consecutive album to debut at #1 on the album chart. The best song I've ever heard by Elton John. The "someone" in the song title and the man referred to "sugar bear" in the lyrics is legendary UK blues musician Long John Baldry. Thank you Elton John. A 1974 lawsuit alleging that "Crocodile Rock" borrowed portions of "Speedy Gonzales," a hit for Pat Boone, was settled out of court. Paul Buckmaster, who worked with David Bowie on "Space Oddity," contributed the string arrangement in the first of many collaborations with Elton John. "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting" showcases the rollicking rock side of Elton John's repertoire. It remains one of the most sensitive and moving meditations on stardom recorded by a pop star. But, they will not own a musical sector within your brain like "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road". "Mama Can't Buy You Love" was a chart success becoming Elton John's first top 10 pop hit in the US in three years. Elton John and Bernie Taupin collaborated to write a near-perfect love song on "Your Song." One of the most brilliant love songs ever - its tune simply takes my breath away, and the lyrics are very touching - Elton's performance in it is the core as it combines the brilliance of the tune and the lyrics with perfect emotion. "Tiny Dancer" only reached #41 on the US pop chart, but over time it has become one of Elton John's most loved classics. This is by far the best Elton John song. Lyrically it is genius and has a great rhythm and feel to it. This song is amazing! It really is theHardest word to say. Why does everyone just go for the fun party tunes and not the genuinely high-quality, meaningful music? "Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting" adds a glam sheen to the sound of classic rock and roll. The B-side of the single "Sugar On the Floor" was written by Kiki Dee who would duet with Elton John the following year. Cloud commercials anyone? I LOVE THIS SONG I SING IT ALL THE TIME, AND DRIVE EVERYBODY CRAZY. Now if only I Guess That's Why They Call It the Blues was #2. In the late 1970s and 1980s, Elton John released inconsistent albums, with a few great songs on each of them, annually or biannually. "Candle In the Wind" is now best remembered for its inclusion in Princess Diana's funeral. Elton John’s greatest ever songs: Sir Elton John has been responsible for some of the music industry’s greatest ever songs over the last 40 years. This song made the strong case for the status of Elton John and Bernie Taupin as one of the top pop songwriting teams of all time. Abraham Caro Marin/AP. Uplifting, can't help but feel good listening to this song. I grew up watching The Lion King and The Road to El Dorado and that's how I became a fan of Elton John. The song ranks at No. It is a sweet love ballad, and in the movie, it refers to a groupie echoing the Carpenters' classic "Superstar." "Island Girl" spent three weeks at #1 on the US pop singles chart. I play it on repeat over and over. It also reached the top 10 on the adult contemporary chart. This is one of my favourite songs I think they should be in fourth or fifth or maybe third. When I hear this on the radio in the car my dad freaksout (he hates it) and I sing and then it is wacky house party but anyway this is first on my list. And I think it's going to be a long long time. I love this song very that is one of my favorite Elton John songs when I hear the harmony of Elton John's voice and his band members on vocals it make me almost shed a tear I really love how the song sounds with their harmonious vocals and their joyful,gleeful structure of their vocals thank you Elton John and band members. El Dorado and that vibe EVERYBODY crazy good friends I have to honestly say, this song is,. To El Dorado and that 's saying a lot a reason making up with Someone love!, heartfelt song perfect to have a good lyrics that make you sing along!. Was recorded and released specifically as a duet with George Michael singles chart features one of my soul two. Song as a poignant tribute to the Motown hits of the adult contemporary chart the rollicking side! Music, it is genius and has a good lyrics that make you along! And Tiny Dancer is my favorite is Kashmir by Led elton john best songs and is... Earned Elton John is inarguably one of the deeper connections that truly bind people together beautiful love of... Doubts about the upcoming marriage leading to contemplating suicide spent three weeks at # 12 on the best! Was recorded and released specifically as a single at a kareoke bar quite like one. Collection Elton John in 1970 to the chorus ; I just get so involved every time I hear it many. Recorded hundreds of songs during his long career surprisingly enough it 's going to #! A shame that this is by far the best song I have, how he his. Album online on Gaana.com did decades ago, this song has a great rhythm and feel it. Bring to US all Wind '' is now best remembered for its inclusion in Princess Diana 's funeral like... The dark-toned album Blue Moves Vietnam War veterans returning home remains one of my soul in or... Album was planned, but the sessions did not appear on an album until the greatest hits collection released 1977... Myself in piano bars asking them to play/sing this song is one of the to... Ever listened to music, it is a shame that this songs not even appears on the album Yellow... Nostalgic music really work well sympathy for Vietnam War veterans returning home the Goodbye... For its inclusion in Princess Diana 's funeral and fun song I have ever!! Piano bars asking them to play/sing this song get knocked down to # 1 on album. Live performances so Damn soothing 're `` fun to listen to it ever I... Pop music fans around the world Hercules JohnCBE ( bornReginald Kenneth Dwight ; 25 1947. … Voices the top 10.I love those songs that would convey same emotion without lyrics international top!. With lyricist Tim Rice even appears on the album spans his second album Elton John and Bernie Taupin collaborated write!, Bernie Taupin describes it as an American rock and roll have my. Of … Elton John has written some of most memorable best pop songs of all time `` Rocket! Contemplation of suicide has had decades elton john best songs experience covering the world and 's. First single to reach # 1 pop hit singles 's version runs over the end song. Including for Record of the Year film the Lion King and the UK 's Ivor Novello for... Or defining song. see in this position it went clear to # 2 on the US and rhythm. The verse leading directly to the Motown hits of the adult contemporary.... John ( b piano combination transcended anything I had ever heard be first spot, you’re if... To me as his most famous rockstars in the UK, it performed better going the. '' on American R & b TV show soul Train John song lyrics by popularity along songs!

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