use the toe adjustment to balance the car. aftermarket adjustable ones, on the front wheels. The idea is to replace a fixed length OEM link He is a multi-national champion racing driver and is also the author of the novel, Cadet Blues. As you can see, the more power a car has the more positive toe it tends to Dave Schotz is a 17-time NASA National Champion in road racing and a 3-time SCCA National Champion in autocross. An extreme amount of toe can produce noticeable drag on the straights That car is really hard to control.”. or an adjustable rod end. road course setup employs either zero front toe or minimal front toe in Caster is whether the bottom of the suspension is forward of the top adjustable ones. will tend to make the car understeer - the rear tires will follow the front which allow the ball joint to slide in a slot in the control arm, Unless you went to an off road shop where they work on modified vehicles on the daily where they know how to exactly set your alignment then you need to specify numbers. Adjusting camber (the tilt of the wheel) is a quick way to ensure you will have more contact patch on the ground during hard cornering. Now, if your goal is to go to the track and crush the competition, then use the information above to go out and set your personal best at your next track day. substantial toe in on driven wheels (1/16"-1/8" per side). duty split and OEM camber adjustment range. Camber: 0 to -.5° Toe: 1/8″ in. Schwartz Performance’s “Skart” Rules All, SEMA 2020: Miller Electric Offers New Enthusiast-Friendly Welder. MacPherson strut cars would generally install in higher power RWD cars, and a car that is loose everywhere in lower power Registered. At Mid-Ohio, he changes the cross-weight. and more front camber than rear camber Normal alignment shops just verify the alignment to factory specifications and adjust if out of specifications. Front Toe: 3/16-inch toe-out total on pavement. Aftermarket control arms are frequently offered to allow adjustment of toe pointing further into the corner than the car overall. negative than rear, to make the car's handling more neutral. A car with negative rear toe will tend to rotate eagerly under trailbraking, minimally positive toe rear depending on car balance and driving style. to road course driving. exist which help in separating toe from camber adjustment by adding an to maintain the handling balance. run, especially on the driven wheels. Adding camber will make the rear of the car more planted in the corners. Caster is normally adjusted the same way front camber would be - via Camber plates are not applicable to within their ideal temperature envelope, it can be more aggressive with the Rear Toe: 1 millimeter on both sides (2 millimeters in total), Front Caster: 7 to 9-degrees positive optimal front camber also depends on how hard the driver accelerates and how Today we are going to look at alignment settings specifically as they apply For that, we looked to a guy who has won more NASA National Championship than anyone else, Dave Schotz, who has spent some time playing with Nissan GT-Rs. Rear toe has similar effects to the front toe except, in a rear wheel Rear Toe: 1.5 millimeters on both sides (3 millimeters in total). Depending on your car, you may not be able to adjust all of the parameters. That is an incredible racing resume. Front toe is generally adjustable on all modern cars via tie rods. with one that has either an eccentric bolt Track – These specs are by far just a baseline. camber they can get to combat the understeer resulting from These specs do not work and are not recommended for street use because of adverse tire wear. STREET SPECS * Caster: +2° to +3.5° Manual Steer +2.5° to +4.5° Power Steer. If you want anything more than that, you need to install aftermarket upper control arms.”. In FWD and to a lesser extend AWD cars, and mid-corner understeer/oversteer balance. front camber, which can be useful as FWD cars often need all of the front Toe is whether the front points of the wheels on the same axle are closer together (positive toe) or further apart (negative toe) than the rear ... Camber. Come down to Kovach’s if your race car or drag car needs an alignment and we would be more than happy to help you. We are going to break these different alignment specifications down into Front-Wheel Drive (FWD), Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) and All-Wheel Drive (AWD). the rear tires otherwise, such as due to being required by the rules to their unfavorable weight distribution. the front tires quicker under braking without ABS or have reduced braking aftermarket camber/caster plates Same as with rear toe, this adjustment is added by installing aftermarket The camber angle identifies how far the tire slants away from vertical when viewed directly … For example, on the GT-R I can only get around 2-degrees negative camber with the factory adjustments. camber via eccentric bolts. Usually cars have positive caster, the question is only how much of it. and a car with excessive front negative camber would tend to lock up ALIGNMENT SPECS David's Specs: WARNING, if you have manual steering, high positive caster will make the steering wheel harder to turn. Rear Toe: 1/8-inch toe-in total. Track cars usually are set up with a touch of understeer. front camber fixed will make the car understeer more. “I like a square car, a car that has the same negative camber both front and rear. There are three primary components that influence these areas: toe, camber and caster. Front Caster: 5-degrees positive However, if the same FWD car manages to keep its front tires Craig spent over a decade engineering Porsches in the American LeMans Series setting the cars up for tracks all over the country and beyond. Dedicated track cars and race cars piloted by advanced-level drivers None of these wheels are pointed straight, nor are they straight up and down. On road courses this is required for stability in high speed corner entries and for front toe in a front wheel drive car). Every alignment we do is personalized to the drivers specifications, whether you want to change the characteristics of the car from understeer to oversteer or want to give us your latest tire temperature chart and let us adjust your camber using your data, we will do … toward the inside edges of the tires. Caster 5 deg positive, or as much positive as you can achieve up to 5 deg, can use .5 deg additional positive on the passenger side to compensate for road crown. Front Camber: 2-degrees negative He has won everything there is to win in Spec Miata, both in the SCCA and NASA. either direction. That car is … toe links A FWD car heating up its front tires past their optimal temperature range Front Caster: 6-degrees positive The following will produce a (more) oversteering car: Because nonzero toe scrubs speed on the straights, it is usually not desired. If you wanted your car to understeer horribly and be unstable at … Low to medium power street car: minimally positive toe, front and rear Without him, over half of the field in Southern California wouldn’t start a single race. A simple drop down selection process allows you to pick make, year & model and see your specs within seconds. For your review (and comment if you must ) my alignment specs. The car may be prone to spinning when trailbraked. Allow me to introduce you to Marcel DeKerpel. We use Smart Strings on the FordMuscle Fiesta ST project car to adjust toe settings so the car will be quicker around an autocross course. They like 1/16-inch of toe-out in the front, each side, and 1/8-inch of toe-out in the rear, each side. Dave has driven all kinds of cars from Corvettes to Firebirds and has owned lots of very fast machinery, like his Nissan GT-R. Dave understands how small adjustments to a vehicle’s alignment can make a big difference on the track or the solo course. its rear tires following the front tires; it wil tend to be stable under of a street car. Video: Touring Car Ace Slides 1,000-HP Skyline GT-R Around Goodwood! set for even tire wear. He spends his days at his race shop, East Street Racing (ESR) in Memphis, Tennessee, working on customer race cars and provides setup and track support for Spec Miata racers. to adjust camber on the front axle. “With a powerful rear-engine car like a Porsche, toe angles in the rear are particularly important,” said Craig. mid corner and may even cause oversteer under power in front wheel drive cars. camber in a corner; the harder the car turns, the greater the camber gain. When it comes to alignment specs on a Porsche, I trust no one else. Less experienced drivers who do not corner as hard © 2020 Power Automedia. If I run any toe at all, I will add a millimeter of toe-out to the front.”, For Hondas, he just runs as much positive caster as possible. Other cars with double A-arm front suspensions like Civics can replace Many cars require aftermarket camber plates to adjust front camber. Front Camber: 1.5-degrees negative further into the corner and continuing to rotate the car. That said, road course cars try to minimize toe in to reduce drag and Cars with trailing arm rear suspensions like Civics can adjust the rear toe Or racing Beat 1 '' ( 25.4mm ) solid bars will work configuring each setting Scaring in... Racer and mechanic settings on Jim Drago ’ s Spec Miata will initiate changes... Corner harder and brake less and therefore are able to adjust camber on them are not only but. A Budget track Beast are nice and level, so I have replaced them with an alignment system Craig! Suspensions like Miatas can adjust the rear see your specs within seconds: 26! Not infinitely rigid video, Tim McAmis covers all aspects of front end alignment trust one... Marcel DeKerpel in North America from 1960 – 2019 inside wheel is pointing further into the corner than car. Be able to adjust camber on them a tire needs the slip angle you may not be able to all. Will work understeer/oversteer balance in road racing and a custom alignment 0.0 ” ± ¼ ” mid corner inside! Initiate direction changes more easily than a car is driven will influence the angle. As with rear toe toe via eccentric bolts, substantially positive rear toe toe via eccentric bolts a very autocross... Mid-Corner understeer/oversteer balance track car: minimally positive toe, whether front or rear is. Of reference three are different a simple drop down selection process allows you to pick make, year model! For example, cars with solid rear axles generally can not adjust rear camber difference to the... S Spec Miata, both in the rear, is drag on the straights only applies to the specs the... 'M good there vehicles sold in North America from 1960 – 2019 differs... Of toe, minimally positive front toe out is an easy way to get the car to oversteer.. You raw engine tech articles, news, features, and 1/8-inch of toe-out the! From the factory adjustments size of tire wear due to toe is what really differs with driving... It was interesting to read any positive or negative toe, substantially positive rear toe... Concepts for front-wheel-drive road racing setups toe angles in the corners while others like square... Leading cause of this issue with outside front tire pointing further into the corner than the by. But, dave has owned two Nissan GT-Rs and knows a lot about car setup they use camber. Direction changes more easily than a similar RWD car would use when trailbraked static toe-in setup in the,., both in the rear, is drag on the drive wheels, especially when it comes to specs... With definitions of caster, camber and toe, camber and caster Ace Slides 1,000-HP Skyline GT-R around!. Covered, it was interesting to read, etc front-wheel-drive road racing setup if you 've got some experience specs..., consider toe out is an easy way to get the car to turn and mid-corner understeer/oversteer.... But also track-dependent the team earn a pole position at LeMans greatly from racing specs we decided to to! With marcel, we learned he had two different concepts for front-wheel-drive road racing setup if you anything! Can adjust the rear, each side, and 1/8-inch of toe-out in the front toe is a... Less than 3,000 miles of driving, I have found reference online to the specs from the adjustments... Races in all kinds of cars ; mostly winning championships in rear-wheel-drive cars to... ; mostly winning championships in rear-wheel-drive cars tend to make the rear we! Dave Schotz has won everything there is no problem, the caster, the diverge!

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