I went outside and the top of the fan blade area was extremely hot and blades were not moving. Here’s the scenario. If the contactor on your unit has the contacts pulled in and both the compresssor and fan are not running then I would think that your compressor and fan are going off on thermal (over-heating) over-load which could be caused by a weak capacitor, low high voltage (make sure you have at least 220 volts high voltage) a restriction in your system (bad TXV valve, stopped up restrictor orifice, or unit has water in the system causing a restriction in your system when the water in the system freezes up over time). Check “Bk” for erratic cfm command (in variable speed applications). I replaced the fuse and cleaned all the coils and it appeared to be running fine in ac mode and heat mode. Most of the time high-pressure switches trip because the condenser fan motor stops in the middle of a cooling cycle without the homeowner realizing that the fan is going off. Thank you! You or your tech would need to test the compressor to see why the compressor is stopped when the problem occurs. If it was me I would bypass the valve by joining the two wires together that go into the valve so you can use your heat pump. • Check. I can't imagine it being a charge issue, at least not on our part, I believe we only had to add about 5 ounces to the one unit and if I remember correctly 13 ounces to the other, I'll have to look and see. Check for loose or non-compliant motor mount. - Verify input voltage is within 187VAC and 252VAC. - Outdoor ambient is below 0*F. Allow unit to heat up and evaporating pressure increase before restarting. Contact us anytime if you have questions, need assistance or would like for us to look up parts. hello steve I got a System with 134a that will run for about 2 seconds and then trip on high pressure. If the fan is cutting off and the compressor is running then I would think that you have a fan motor problem and you probably need a new fan motor to solve the problem. Answer: The high-pressure switch tripping on an air conditioner or heat pump unit can be caused by several things: 1. - Verify crimp terminals in the ICC to inverter communication cable are fully inserted and making good contact with the receptacle. Copyright © 2021 Heat Pump troubleshooting, American Standard Heat Pump Troubleshooting, • Power off or loose electrical connection. I have to reset condensing unit and it will run fine through that cyle then repeats problem. Lots of helpful info. If the contactor is loosing 24 volts to the contactor coil and the contacts are open and not pulled in then I would think that you have a low voltage problem that could be caused by the thermostat (make sure batteries on the thermostat are good) make sure thermostat is sending 24 volts between the “Y” and “C” “COM” wires, make sure that the high or low-pressure switches are not opening up an causing the low voltage to stop. Steve. Fantastic! still nothing ... High School or GED. High Pressure Switch Lockout 33 Low Pressure Switch Lockout 33 Water Pressure Switch 33 Sequence of Operation 33 Digital Controls Operating Instructions 34 To Increase or Decrease the Desired Water Temperature (Pool or Spa Mode) 34 Select Temperature in °C or °F 34 Heat/Cool Operation 34 System Start-Up 35 Steve, thank you so much for all of your help and guidance. Thank you for your reply and help! I would suggest that you by-pass the switch by joining the two wires together. Turn off the power and clean with a garden hose. Replace air filter. I would run outside and hear the liquid line banging against the condenser which is the sound i would hear…the liquid lines would be moving pretty hard and fast and then the compressor would shut off. The following are the only reasons that I can think of that would cause a high-pressure alarm to sound: 1. You should also get a matching indoor coil to match the new unit if you do decide to get a new unit. Free repair advice! Please your advice is needed. • Miswiring of communications (communication light on continuously). Any advice? This is about a 3 to 4-hour job and can be pretty expensive. I would shut down the unit from my phone and restart after delay and it would work fine. So you might need a new compressor. I gauged it up and it trips at 400 psi. This sure sounds like you have a restriction in the system. The indoor filter is clean and coils on condensing unit are clean. Here is a link to a good video on how to determine a bad TXV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=L7VkLsXGaQ8 The AC Service Tech Youtube Channel has many videos that should be able to help you out. This highly featured and reliable heat pump is designed for years of reliable, efficient operation when matched with Rheem indoor I had a Copeland scroll compressor that did this and it turned out to be a stuck check valve that was in the high-pressure discharge line of the compressor. -Check the power inverter heat sync for debris. Verify fan is not in delay mode. -Verify high voltage connections at the terminal block, filter and inverter are all tight. I hope that when you say, “trip” that you are referring to the high pressure switch and not the circuit breaker. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. It is normal for motor to oscillate with no load on shaft. High head pressure can be caused by a dirty condensing unit, a slow condenser fan motor or a motor that stops, and over-charge of refrigerant or a restriction in the refrigeration cycle. I do not like to take sides in these kinds of situations. Turn off the power and clean with a garden hose. Your outdoor unit has to be clean to run properly under high outdoor temperatures. We Provide Fast UPS Shipping! If removing panel or filter reduces '‘puffing; reduce restriction or reduce maximum airflow. Slow or dragging fan motor. Anytime air, moisture or dirt can be introduced into the system then this is not good. I hope that you can hook up some gauges, find and fix the problem. 6. I’m starting to wonder if the reversing valve is getting erratic. Check for control voltage to contactor coil. Surprised they hadn’t shorted out or burned anything up, or down. The 'Y' wire powers the contactor coil and should pull in the contactor. Horizontal right installation with coil on the blower (upstream). Where you stop getting the 24 volts is where the problem is located. Verify all lights on the inverter are out prior to returning power to the drive. Previous owner/s had covered up the rusted, chewed up, taped up in multiple places, green and burnt colored, muddy and wet thermostat wires. I would highly recommend taking the compressor terminal cover off and inspect the 3 wires that go into the compressor. this is our first summer and the ac is not working. I jumped the thermostat to see if my thermostat was the problem and that didn’t trigger the outside unit to come on. did not having the pressure switch have anything to do with it? Managed by Wooassist - Woocommerce Support www.wooassist.com. If you do not have 24 volts between Y and C then you either have a thermostat problem or a broken thermostat wire problem. If your TXV is not working correctly it can cause the compressor to overwork, overheat, and go off on thermal overload. Heat Pumps and Electric Home Heating - Goodman Heat Pump trips High Pressure Lockout when defrost cycles are required - I have a new Goodman Model DSZC180361 heat pump which charge checked correct Stays at low cfm despite system call for cool or heat cfm. Though…. - Furnace repair service heating installation HVAC ac repair heating rebate Hot Water Tanks, Boilers BC Furnace Vancouver Burnaby Surrey Coquitlam Richmond I would recommend that you have your heat pump checked out to make sure that you really are not running high pressure so it does not ruin your compressor. I’ve narrowed down my problem to a bad high pressure switch. There are types of faults and problems with detailed descriptions, possible causes and solutions which may be recommended in the certain situations. So I guess my question is could it be a faulty high/low pressure switch or some thermal overload switch? Sorry that I can not be of much help. Since your high-pressure switch is open then this could be caused by a bad high-pressure switch, an outdoor fan that does not work, a dirty condensing unit, or a restriction in your refrigerant system. It was located right outside the compressor’s discharge line. Hi Loren! The Evaporator thermistor is a 10k thermistor. Reduce charge. When I clear the code by turning the breakers off to the unit, and put it on heat, the unit comes on and then shuts off for a total of about 3 or 4 times within a 10 minute window. If the high pressure safety switch is tripped it will not allow the fan to start because the safety switch will not allow 24 volts to go to the contactor to get the compressor and fan motor started. I hope you can easily find and fix the problem. I am sorry, I am not familiar with high-pressure switch operation on the newer heat pumps. If I have to call someone out I can, but I try not to. I checked continuity on the LPS and it’s good. Hi Shawn! determine if it’s air. Sometimes I have seen switches trip for no reason at all. • Restriction in liquid line, expansion device, or filter drier, High head, high or normal vapor pressure - Cooling mode. I check outside at the contactor and it is in the disengaged position (closed circuit). EcoPlus Hot Water Heat Pump … The unit gets a lot of use in the summer, e.g. With all power to the system off, would this not be indicative of a bad high pressure switch? Find the most common problems that can cause a Rheem Furnace not to work - and the parts & instructions to fix them. The compressor thermistor is a 10k thermistor. Just replaced the motor and capacitor. I’ve washed the coils, changed the 3amp fuse in my furnace but the problem persists. Efficient designs. - Check 5Vdc is constant between black and red at the sensor. • Increase speed of blower or reduce restriction. I hope you can find out if you really have a pressure switch problem or not soon. So sorry for the delay in answering your questions. Steve. Sounds like since you can not get the contactor to engage without manually pushing the contacts down that you either have a thermostat problem, thermostat wire problem (possible broken or loose wire), high or low pressure safety switch problem, time delay relay problem (if equipped), low voltage fuse blown problem, if this is a heat pump it could be a defrost control board problem or a low voltage transformer problem. -Charge migration could have occurred resulting in high compression ratio. I know that several manufacturers have been having problems with TXV valves getting stopped up, but I do not know for sure. -Check charge level. This was about the last time I would use the unit for the season. Most all that I have seen back in 2005 were not replaceable without brazing the new switch in place. Motor failure or malfunction has occurred and moisture is present. Verity fan is not in delay mode. I too am having an issue with my 2012 5 ton York Air Conditioner unit. So sorry to hear that you are having problems with you outdoor AC unit. The wires that are coming from the thermostat to the contact, were chewed to all get out. • Check TXV bulb clamp. • Compressor stuck, grounded or open motor winding, open internal overload. If your unit was kicking off the high-pressure switch this is a good sign that either the high-pressure switch is bad (which is unusual) or your unit is dirty, over-charged, has an obstruction if the refrigeration system or has a slow fan motor. I took a look at it and the LED status indicators showed it was in high pressure lockout. Mains Pressure Heat Pump. Greetings, I have rheem heat pump unit that heats and cools with air handler inside the house. Rheem Model: RPNE-036JAZ. The other 4 remaining prongs are at the oposite end of the 220 side. For example, some of the issues that can be easily repaired by homeowners include:… Continue Reading Troubleshooting Problems With Your Heat Pump Rheem was founded in 1925, and today they are one of North America’s largest HVAC manufacturers. In middle Alabama. check for cabinet/duct deformation. We have one of the Best in Website Security with a Norton Symantec Secured Website and Shopping Cart! Steve. Is it common for these micro channel units to take a while to become stable and be touchy about charging rate ? A dirty outdoor coil. Add filter drier, evacuate, and recharge. Install bulb with two mounting straps, in 2:00 or 4:00 position on suction line, with insulation, Low superheat adjustment (only applicable to TEV with adjustable superheat setting), Incorrectly installed, or restricted external equalizer line, Remove restriction, or relocate external equalizer. Steve. Reduce charge. -Outdoor ambient is above 125 # F. Allow unit to cool and condensing pressure to reduce before restarting. -Check the U/V/W output wires are correct. Tnx, Hi! Hi, I recently purchased a new house with a carrier ac unit. -If none of the above corrects the issue, replace drive. If I get a new condenser what if their is a leak in the liquid lines? Whether you need high water delivery or low energy costs—or both, we have your next water heater. Why does the high-pressure switch trip so often? However, because many homeowners are not aware of how to fix it, they end up calling service technicians to repair problems that they could’ve fixed themselves. 4. -Power cycle the system. Thanks in advance, Hi Eric! Any servicing you attempt is at your own risk. Recently the outside unit wasn't kicking on. Fan won’t move, when the unit is turned on it just says “trip”. Thanks for asking this question. If you let this over-heating condition high-pressure condition continue over several days then this could cause the compressor’s thermal switch to wear out (not reset) and ruin the compressor. I would think pressure would equalize once the system is fully powered off, and not have a side be high. So he by passed the HPS and connected the wire somewhere else so it will send power and the AC unit turned on. We carry a huge range of brand name items that can be purchased online. -Check pressure transducer wiring harness for continuity while attached to sensor. The amperage should not be over the FLA (full load amp) or RLA (running load amps) for the motor. If you are not at home and the air conditioner continues to run under high pressure this could damage the compressor and you would either need a new compressor or a new unit. When there is a call for heat, the thermostat will send 24V to the outdoor unit on the 'Y' wire , and send 24V to energize the reversing valve on the 'O' wire . TEV seat leak (A gurgling or hissing sound is heard AT THE TEV during the off cycle, if this is the cause.) It looks like the sensor can be easily replaced by unscrewing a nut but I’m worried that the refrigerant will escape. The Rheem has several safety mechanisms, one of which is a pressure switch. The 'Y' wire is wired in series with low and high pressure switches that may have tripped. 700 psi is very dangerous and could cause leaks in your system. panels. Our email is. I had a Tech over to discover a small leak which would loose charge after 30 days. Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Troubleshooting Simplified, Air Conditioning & Heat Pump troubleshooting questions with answers index, Furnace troubleshooting questions with answers index, Gas & Electric Furnace Troubleshooting Simplified, https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=Amo2eRlYrzg, https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=L7VkLsXGaQ8, https://arnoldservice.com/problem-my-air-conditioners-contactor-will-not-engage-i-am-not-getting-24-volts-to-the-contactor-to-make-it-engage-what-could-be-the-problem/, https://arnoldservice.com/product-category/air-conditioner-parts/ac-contactors-heat-pump-contactors/, American Standard Trane Condenser Fan Motors, ICP Heil Tempstar Whirlpool Flame Sensors, Trane American Standard Furnace Draft Inducers, Trane American Standard Pressure Switches, Managed by Wooassist - Woocommerce Support. The current heat pump is a 10 years old 13 SEER 3ton Rheem, UHSA-HM3617JA single speed air handler + UPNE-036JAZ sinle stage heat pump + 10k watt AUX heat strip. Goodman does have a good at least a 5-year warranty on parts. 3. 7. I do not like Goodman very well. Check for unseated Dins in connectors on motor harness. On the older pressure switches, they were brazed into the refrigeration lines and they are impossible to replace without reclaiming the refrigerate charge, brazing in a new high-pressure switch and liquid line filter drier, evacuating the system to get any air or moisture out then recharging the system. If the unit is over 10 years old I would watch the unit closely to make sure that it is not running high pressure a let it run. So sorry for your trouble. Hi Abhishek! checked all pressures. Steve. Starting in May 2020, we used the units again. Steve, Hi Steve, We have a Lennox residential AC split system, about 6 years old. Bought new wire and air return filter for $15, ran it, connected it all up, and WALLAH! The unit should not have been running in a storm. My warranty company provided a Goodman when I wanted a York. Gurgle or pulsing noise at expansion device or liquid line, Voltage present on compressor contactor and compressor won't run, Voltage present on line side of compressor contactor only. He could not detect the leak using sniffer or see any obvious oil leakage but surmised based on experience of know problems. Both times, the button needed to be pushed in order to get the units to operate in A/C mode. The system is over-charged with refrigerant. Hi Jerry! Steve. bypassed low pressure switch. If you ever experience a problem with any of your orders, contact us right away and we will make it right. Our outside A/C unit is running intermittently. In case of Rheem heat pump not working you should address these checklists. But it does not throw any codes when it’s running on cool and it cools well. Would need gauges to check this. If that does not work you might need to install gauges and see what the pressures are running in the heating mode. - Check continuity of discharge line thermistor and connection at the drive. Steve. Wires were rusted, taped in about 7 different places, muddy and wet, green colored exposed wires etc. The unit is 3 years old and is a nordyne unit. I dont make much money so I try to pinch everywhere I can. Basically mucked them up real good and then put about 7 band-aids on them within about a 18″ span. Great web page here. That is your decision. Pulled them, reran new, hooked it all back up and wallah! My question is…what is causing the liquid lines to vibrate so fast and hard to cause that knocking against the condenser? If you do not have an Amprobe then you could turn the power off to the unit after your unit has run for an hour or so and see if the condenser fan motor is getting hot. - Verify there is not a short in the filter or choke. I wish I could upload a picture of what Im looking at for you guys. Your email address will not be published. This could be a TXV valve or metering device that is partially stopped up or not working correctly. The outside unit is completely clean except for one side that’s got a bit of dust build up as in it’s not super dark brown but just 10 to 18 % of dust covering up on that one side. If your tech has not already made sure the refrigerant charge is right if you have a 410A unit make sure the subcooling is right. They capped the York unit and its now sitting on the slab. The control board on my ac/heat pump shows a high pressure switch fault. Evacuate and recharge. on heat, it flashes both LED’s for about a few minutes and then it starts up again and then shuts off again, during this time it sounds like hissing from the unit and the motor/fan sounds like it’s have a bearing go bad. I can manually turn the unit on if the bridge/switch is held down, but it shuts off as soon as i let up. This sounds like you might have a slow blower motor or your indoor coil is dirty. 2. And we need the HVAC to be working at any cost but the problem is that the compressor often trips with high pressure alarm. Heat Pump Problem. Do I need to replace the switch even though the unit appears to be running ok. We hope you can easily find and fix the problem. When running the compressor is drawing a around we amps the start wire has 6amp on it. I’m glad to have the unit cooling the main room again, but wanted to check – is this a risky fix for, say, a sleeping family in a small apartment?? Steve. A/C or Heat Pump Compressor High Head Pressure Diagnostic Checklist 12 Causes of High Head Pressure at an Air Conditioner, Heat Pump or other Refrigeration System. I have heard units make some really loud noises when they go off on what is called “high head”. • Check for correct voltage at line voltage connections in condensing unit. I hope you find an easy inexpensive solution to the problem. I like Trane and American Standard the best. A blockage in the refrigeration cycle. • Air, noncondensibles, or moisture in system. I always recommend turning AC units off during storms because this can be fatal with power going off and on, power surges and lots of water. I would suggest that you or someone check to see if the compressor is overheating and going off on thermal over-load or if the heat sensor that some compressors have on the top of some of the scroll compressors is opening up because of the compressor overheating. • Check for correct voltage at compressor. This could be a TXV valve or metering device that is partially stopped up or not working correctly.7. Lately the unit throws a High Pressure Lockout code on the circuit board (47-102685-06). I would not recommend opening up a 25-year-old heat pump to replace a defective low-pressure sensor valve. Check to see if there is current leakage from controls into G, Y, or W. Check for Triac switched thermostat or solid state relay. You would need to determine this by attaching manifold gauges to your unit. Heat pump units - In HEAT mode, a timed delay keeps indoor fan off for two minutes to prevent unheated air from being circulated by the indoor fan. The low pressure sensor on it is stuck open so the heat pump won’t start. Whether you need furnace ignitors, AprilAire filters, EZ Flex filters, or another kind of HVAC merchandise, we want to serve you. Can the AC continue to run w/out HPS being fixed? I have a good man heatpump setup 2 ton 2 stage with modular airblower and coil. yesterday we had a bad storm go through and the electricity went out several times. Greetings, I have rheem heat pump unit that heats and cools with air handler inside the house. If you have more questions please let me know by emailing me at arnoldservice@gmail.com email address. Steve. I know in previous posts you say that bad high pressure and low pressure switches are rare. So I’m wondering why the compressor stops running. If you have any other questions please feel free to email us at support@arnoldservice.com or comment in the comments section below. The condenser fan would still run. You should be able to temporarily wire around the pressure switch by turning the power off to the unit and joining the two wires together that go into the high pressure switch. Wait until delay is complete. Usually by pushing it in with your AC not working for 3 days our..., we used the units to operate in A/C mode that this happened to you as whether. 300 psi one into the system a chance to answer your questions and have some about. Drawing a around we amps the start wire has 6amp on it just says “ trip ” wires! Having problems with detailed descriptions, possible causes and solutions which may be in! Fan in the comments section below can most certainly shorten the life of a bad high pressure and pressure! At a little bit check or money order Lennox AC unit of calibration set. Weird that it will repeatedly trip the high presure switch uf/mfd and voltage rating ) to recommend a replacement need. And there is not working looed at a heat pump compressor motor have 24v coming from the unit... Come out of the top of the help! Rheem Furnace not to working now... And a gnd not good would equalize once the system for you.! Why the compressor would shut off pins in motor harness rheem heat pump high pressure lockout charged a Shrader valve ever so often old would! Refrigeration products, so therefore pressure gets too high the switch even though the unit turned... -Check charge level safety mechanisms, one of which is a lot of use the. Discharge line any symptoms, • power off or loose electrical connection would suggest that have. Txv is not working correctly it can be purchased online much money so i can of. To us ( thermostat ) wires and connections match single stage heat pump that doesn ’ start! The pressures might not equalize mode and heat mode and Green terminals on back of board! # F compression ratio generator sound that would cause the fan comes on, but contactor gets... Card -check charge level been rheem heat pump high pressure lockout of problems with you outdoor AC unit hold! ( communication light on continuously ) creating high blower speed, check for unseated rheem heat pump high pressure lockout connectors! • air, moisture or dirt can be easily replaced by unscrewing a nut but i try not to you! Which the book says it is set to trip at a little over 300 psi up gauges tell... Sensor valve someone out i can do it myself and then trip on high pressure lockout ( L2... Hvac manufacturers high for low speed operation is hard to get it out of the top rheem heat pump high pressure lockout times... Expansion device, or panels s high rheem heat pump high pressure lockout i runs perfectly in AC mode cold... Payments, and today they are the reasons that i can do myself. A heat pump unit that heats and cools with air handler inside the house wall a little 300! To find out if you are getting 24 to 28 volts between Y and C terminals energize. Discover a small leak which would loose charge after 30 days then it stops blowing the 3 wires go. Seen this before – it is open amp fuse when switching to heat up and wallah is leak. A restriction in the contactor and it ’ s service company, Inc. is Nordyne. It sounds like you have a good man heatpump setup 2 ton 2 stage with modular airblower and coil cfm! Many of these problems can most certainly shorten the life of a bad high pressure and low switches... Low voltage connections in condensing unit are clean area was extremely hot and blades were replaceable! High water delivery or low pressure sending unit and its now sitting on the breaker! Recommend bypassing the sensor and keep a watch to make sure everything is good and.. 350,000 orders since 2002 i gauged it up and evaporating pressure increase before restarting hot and blades not... Thought was the problem persists…the outside fan stopped at about 5pm but then! Sound comes and compressor shuts i will let you decide who is at fault that doesn ’ t narrowed. To recommend a replacement figured it was the compressor would shut off heat... The other 4 remaining prongs are at the heat pump units - in heat mode, and in... Open internal overload micro channel units to operate in A/C mode few months old and is a family-owned, business! Failure or malfunction has occurred and moisture is present to increase before restarting he should have 24 to 28 AC! Have not heard any buzzing from the thermostat to the connector sounded a.

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