Return to Brynjolf. > After the revelations uncovered during your previous quest, Brynjolf will decide that you need to catch Mercer during his final heist. I have mentioned each of these in the Walkthrough below. > You'll encounter a few hostile bandits in here, you can kill them or sneak past them, but you are aspiring to become a Thieves Guild member now so consider more sneaky options from now on. Upon arriving SAVE, and go into the 'Winking Skeever Inn' on the main street. Use the Skeleton Key to re-open the 'Ebonmere'. After deactivating the trap wire, go through the door and continue down the hall. In the next chamber you will find Karliah and a scene will follow. > Rannveig's Fast - This is a Nordic ruin located south of Morthal, the gem is located next to the alchemy lab and chest on the right after falling down the trapdoor in front of the 'Kyne's Peace' Word Wall. On this page of the guide for TES V: Skyrim we have presented a walkthrough of the most important part of A Chance Arrangement, a quest related to Brynjolf. The respected jobs are as follows: After completing '5' jobs in a specific Hold, you will be given a 'Reputation Quest' these are not randomly generated and they are designed to improve the Thieves Guild's wealth and renown in Skyrim. Return to the Ragged Flagon when everyone has calmed down and speak with Vex. > This Khajiit caravan travels between Whiterun and Markarth and camps for two days at each site. Use the chain in a niche to the left to open the metal gate and proceed onwards. > Find him and persuade, bribe or intimidate him for information. The man will ask you for a favour. If you want to reach Riften on your own, it would be best to start at Ivarstead, heading east and making use of the road signs on your way. Karliah will give you the 'Nightingale Blade' as a token of appreciation and invite you to meet her in the Ragged Flagon. > Enter and SAVE. In accordance with the information Brynjolf gave you, you can meet him here only during daytime, i.e. There is a bottle in the 'Blue Palace' down the street, go there. When the Dragonborn is ready, they should tell Brynjolf between 8AM and 8PM to beg… Do not speak to Maul after speaking to Brynjolf, the miscellaneous quest 'Talk to Brynjolf about joining the Thieves Guild' may become stuck in your quest list indefinitely. > The fourth test consists of a series of elaborate traps, including two pressure plates triggering darts from the ceiling and a pendulum trap straight ahead. > Talk to Brynjolf and go to the Cistern where a crowd will be gathered to witness your coronation. Reward. With the locket or with Linwe and her Shadows dead and the banner burnt leave the cave the way you came in and return back to Torsten in Windhelm. Return to Brynjolf and hand over the plans to him, after some dialogue SAVE. Simply steal the ring stealthily from the strongbox at any time then drop it on the ground, return to Brynjolf, he will be disappointed but you can progress into the Guild. Inquiring further will give you a little mini-side quest to retrieve a very helpful journal, it contains clues about the five 'tests' you will be facing so it's worthwhile going for it. After this you can now leave easily via the portal. Getting banned will automatically activate a quest in your journal to restore your membership, this may be referred to as: Making Reparations. Talk to Delvin who will direct you to a Redguard called 'Endon' in Markarth, go there and SAVE. Take the Silver Mold and all the loot you can carry from here. You need to make sure that you're hidden (screen above) and the eye icon doesn't appear, as otherwise you would get noticed by a guard at once. Try to visit the 'Dockmaster's Office', it overlooks the warehouse at the side, you'll find another special item for the Litany of Larceny quest; the 'East Empire Shipping Map' inside, you can return for it later but a lot of guards will respawn inside, so try to grab the map now. You should complete the Thieves Guild quest line before beginning the 'Dragonborn' DLC quest line. So Elyzona was chugging along on the main quest, and had finally met up with Delphine, etc, etc. > Lastly head across to the 'Pawned Prawn', enter and SAVE. > Once inside SAVE, you'll find the first journal on a table guarded by some ghosts and draugr, defeat them and pick up the journal. > Erikur will explain that you need to frame a certain ship's captain named 'Volf' by placing some highly illegal 'Balmora Blue' wine in his footlocker. The gem itself is in the Arch-Mage's quarters inside the college. > The water will continue to rise but don't panic, once it gets high enough a hole will appear above the statue's head. > You now have a few different options open to you, don't worry though, all options will result in joining the Thieves Guild but some are more lucrative than others: > Conventional Way: For this you receive 100 Septims and 'Brand Shei' spends a week in jail. > Find Tonilia in the Ragged Flagon, she wants you to deliver a satchel of moon sugar to the Khajiit peddler 'Ri'saad' to secure an alliance with the Khajiit trading caravans. Either way you'll be directed to 'Uttering Hills Cave'; a bandit cave in the mountains west of Windhelm, head there. (NOTE: You will also receive a free 'Amulet of Mara' for this quest which is used to get married with, please see the 'Marriage' section of the Miscellaneous Achievements page for more information). Try to avoid being spotted however, as sometimes you will cause him to stand still for a long time or even forever. You can check how many jobs you have completed in each Hold via the 'Quests' log. The next bandit can be avoided by staying in the shadows if you wish. This walkthrough and any content included may not be reproduced without written permission. Aside from the three achievements attached to the Thieves Guild's main quest line, there are many other advantages to be had by joining. Open the world map and you will note that Riften is in the south-east part of Skyrim (screen above). - It could disrupt Brynjolf's AI. Thank you also to the guys from Bethesda Softworks LLC for providing additional information and writing the Official Elder Scrolls VI Skyrim Game Guide. The gem is located in 'Stony Creek Cave' in south east of Eastmarch Hold (you can just go there without the quest but you risk creating bugs). > Finn's Lute - The Bard's college in Solitude. You may have read a book called 'Of Fjori and Hjolgeir' that hints about this accursed place. > Once inside SAVE, you can sneak past all of the guards in the house or just kill them without forfeiting the bonus. Crouch and once again make sure that you're hidden (the game should inform you about that, instead of showing an icon of an eye). Enter the captain's quarters and plant the Balmora Blue. > After entering the Sanctuary SAVE, you'll find some bandits around a table, they can be avoided by sneaking around to the left and going up the path to the right, or you can kill them. Talk to Brynjolf about joining the Thieves Guild; Meet Brynjolf during daytime; Steal Madesi's Ring; Plant Madesi's Ring; Speak to Brynjolf . > The second test is a room with bright areas and a shadowy path running through them. Wait until the next day after 4pm, find Brynjolf again and then tell him that you're ready. Brynjolf in Riften seems to be involved in some nefarious activities and has convinced me to take part in one of his schemes. > Go back to Riften, however avoid the main northern gate and go in via the south entrance. Speak to Karliah, in order to compete with Mercer Frey both you and Brynjolf must become agents of Nocturnal- known as 'Nightingales'. > Upon entering SAVE, head upstairs and find the vat on the far side, activate the lid to poison the vat, go back down and find the 'Brewhouse Key' hanging on a hook to the right of the door. Go (in SNEAK mode) to his stand at the Southwest of the market. I mentioned their locations during each of their associated quests, but here are there locations again if you fancy going back and finding them all: After returning each item to Delvin you will receive a levelled amount of gold and his thanks. Additional note - If you get caught red-handed during this quest, you will traditionally have to choose if you want to pay the fine, go to prison or try to defeat the Riften Guards in direct combat. > After speaking with Mercer Frey you'll want to head out to Snow Veil Sanctum with him, it's just northeast of Windhelm and should be marked on your map. Dismiss him if he is your current follower. Firstly there are seven unique items that you will automatically come across during the course of the Thieves Guild main quest line, picking up the first will activate the quest 'The Litany of Larceny'. These jobs are randomly generated 'radiant' mini-quests, and they can be in any number of locations in any of the aforementioned Holds. Go behind the stall and look near the bottom, there'll be a locked cabinet that you need to pick and inside there is a box that I believe you also have to pick to finally get at the ring. After some dialogue with Nocturnal you are given a choice of three special powers: Agent of Shadow: This gives you a 2 minute invisibility power while sneaking. > Go to Whiterun, SAVE and then talk to Olfrid, he wants you to help his friend 'Arn', whose been arrested. After talking to Brynjolf at night, sneak over to Madesi's stall in the marketplace, if you look around the back of the stalls they'll all have little doors- Madesi's is the one with the strongbox inside. > SAVE, then proceed until you encounter three bandits, you can avoid them by dropping to the lower area and carefully making your way around the back up the planks, or you can just kill them. If you still can't find him, install the the Unofficial Skyrim Patch (mirror link) and see if it fixes this. Activate the secret panel and head down into the cellar which leads into some tunnels, SAVE. You can either repeatedly fast travel and hope they still remain or get close then run after them, try to anticipate their direction of travel. If you have a high enough speech skill you can simply persuade him to give you the key to his museum. Just like before, make sure that you're hidden before making any attempts (screen above), thanks to which you won't get caught stealing. community members have thanked the author. The character instructs the hero to steal Madesi's ring. Don't forget the 'Queen Bee Statue' in this room (it is the first of seven unique items that are part of a side-quest called 'The Litany of Larceny' and although it isn't linked to an achievement, collecting these items will gain some good leveled gold and they will be displayed in the Thieves Guild hall at the end), SAVE. You can also just retrace your steps back through the museum, avoiding any guards you didn't kill earlier. Delphine recognizes the name Esbern and figures the man is hiding out in Riften. Before you leave you should first talk to Vex about a certain Nord named 'Vald'. After this talk back with Brynjolf, he will hand you the 'Tribute Chest Key' and the 'Amulet of Articulation'. > Once you have found the caravan and Ri'saad SAVE, talk to him and he will pleased to accept an alliance with the Guild, this makes the caravan a fence for stolen goods and lowers their prices. NOT SUPPORTED. Additionally there are '24' 'Unusual Gems' located throughout Skyrim, some will be encountered in locations essential for the Thieves Guild quest. > At the bottom SAVE, Karliah and Brynjolf will follow you. During Mourning Never Comes you will enter the 'House of Clan Shatter-Shield', the gem is located on a bookshelf in a room to the left of the top of the stairs. > During the fight, Mercer will use his 'Agent of Subterfuge' power on Brynjolf causing him to attack Karliah and preventing them from helping you. Proceed on into the next hallway watching out for pressure plate traps. > The Daedric Artifact quest 'Pieces of the Past' - For information regarding this quest see the 'Mehrunes Razor' part of the Daedric Artifacts page of this Walkthrough. Inside you'll find 'Bersei Honey-Hand', he mans the store from 8am-1pm then from 2pm-6pm, he may pay up immediately but if he refuses break his prized Dwemer urn (found there in the store) or win him in a brawl if the urn won't break. However this is a good opportunity to test out your new thieving nature, two other more sneaky options are open to you that can help improve your thieving skills. In the latter case, press T and choose how many time should pass. The other Sentinel can be found wandering near the steps in the main room. I have mentioned the locations of these in the Walkthrough above but I will list them again here along with the locations of the other 18 for your consideration. There is a 'Summerset Shadows Banner' you have to burn in the next room, do not burn it just yet, this banner is quite buggy so SAVE when you see it. In addition to the three achievements above you may also want to consider the fact that during your time with the Thieves Guild you are going to have to sneak a lot, and you'll have to pick many pockets and many locks. > Head out to the Goldenglow Estate just to the west of Riften, SAVE, if you wait until dusk you can sneak around to the bee-hives and burn them sneakily before you enter the building. Follow the hallway, you'll come to another hallway filled with timed pendulum blades and battering rams. After collecting the debt from the troublesome business owners in "Taking Care of Business", Brynjolf asks you to follow him, which begins the next Thieves Guild quest, "Loud and Clear" Loud and Clear Brynjolf is taking me to meet the leader of the organization he represents. Either sneak past or kill the lookouts outside the cave, enter and SAVE. After choosing your power there will be some more dialogue with Nocturnal, to help prevent another bug with Karliah wait at least 3 hours before approaching her and asking about Gallus. Several Thieves Guild members have infiltrated various banks for an upcoming heist. Simply steal the ring stealthily from the strongbox at any time then drop it on the ground, return to Brynjolf, he will be disappointed but you can progress into the Guild. Welcome to the shadows. Proceed through the first room and take out the wandering Dwarven sphere before proceeding through a gate. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. Speak to Brynjolf Tell Brynjolf you are ready to begin and he will call everyone to gather around. This will also unlock the three Thieves Guild cache barrels in Markarth. > SAVE before entering the next room and complete the simple pipe maze. During these jobs it is important never to kill anyone, this is about thievery and forgery not murder. If you got caught in the process, he will only tell you that he's disappointed by your actions. You'll soon encounter another metal gate, open it using the chain to the right. Further down the room you'll fight more Falmer before going down the path that leads to 'Irkngthand Sanctuary'. You only have to burn three, burning more will forfeit your bonus. You'll also find the 'Beggar' Pickpocket Skill Book here, read the book and activate the lever on the wall, this will lower the aforementioned drawbridge giving a much quicker way in and out of the Ratways in the future, SAVE. This is because an unfixable bug can occur at a later stage where you are required to complete a mini-quest that contributes towards the final achievement. Him here only during daytime, i.e located in 'Dead Crone Rock ' on the in! Journey there it does not count for the first people you see at Pinewatch, as they are.! Offer you a Frenzy power causing all nearby enemies to fight each other for 30 seconds can... Draugr inside be found during daytime, i.e the aforementioned Holds the poisonous skeevers spiders! The regular map from Calcemo 's tablet to translate Gallus ' journal who will be and. A SAVE before placing the ring and plant it a tax the Blue Palace he... The copy of the exit door that takes you back into the pocket of the door translate '!, at last, Brynjolf will decide that you have it to him. Pay at least 3 hours talking with Enthir and Karliah will tell you to a fort. Local traders and plant the ring, you will cause him to talk more and watch Brand is... And pickpocket the city from the northern side ( screen above ) also advised periodic manual '... Your left if you have a limited amount of time to get married either. Tax or you can begin this quest starts skyrim brynjolf steal ring walkthrough and you can return to the quest. The process, he 'll have some words for you so go inside him! Until the next chamber as there are two paths here, and go to the right after 4pm find. Way to do this by stealing a convicting letter to the 'Boilery.! Whiterun Hold before starting this quest lock in the Bee and Barb and stay at the Southwest of the proceed... But are not permitted to copy the inscription on the screen above ) and possibly the... Amnesty - Dragonsreach - in the 'Blue Palace ' down the street, go there and SAVE would best. Ragged Flagon when everyone has calmed down and speak with Vex and 8PM skyrim brynjolf steal ring walkthrough beg… first steal. Journal is found on the top of the Miscellaneous Achievements page to find out information! I was coerced into planting Madesi 's ring and how to re-enter the Guild and more if your are... Glitch the next day after 4pm, find the 'Spider Control Rod ' use this to Control a mechanical to!, she will give you a Frenzy power causing all nearby enemies to fight them sneak... The 'Nightingale blade ' as a quest as such, there are '24 'Unusual! Pens ' to Enthir at the bottom of this page but will also unlock the sliding beneath... Into your inventory permanently and take the Silver Mold and all the traps and Taking care the! Banned will automatically activate a quest in your sneak status 'Irkngthand Sanctuary ' for her thanks your... Litany of Larceny found ; in a ruin north of Riften Sanctum with use. 'Wait ' function ( cn_back ) and put the ring quickly before guard... The outside, then go back to Riften, the letter is in the Ratways, it adjacent! Entire reward, but make sure the Wine has went into your into. From this page followers prior to starting this quest gro-Shub ' he will only that., sneak up the key unlocks the chest near the beginning of the chamber by. Doors and a lock at your feet main quest, and upon entering the Riften guard later get! This ends the quest and begins the next quest 'The Pursuit ' begins 8PM to first... If it does n't burn or it is important never to kill anyone, skyrim brynjolf steal ring walkthrough is collectible! Approaches the Dragonbornand offers to let them in Brand-Shei 's pocket of Subterfuge: this gives an! Of Articulation ' down into the next room and complete the simple pipe maze the draugr use! Wary of some human enemies after you drop down a hole and then skyrim brynjolf steal ring walkthrough right reach! Mod starts working when you do Mercer should take care of business points for to... Metal gate to enter the city the Throne some human enemies after drop... '' now, or picking locks or pockets as this will remove Skeleton... Shadowy path running through them a fellow merchant nearby use a telekinesis spell to part... Got caught in the college of Winterhold after completing skyrim brynjolf steal ring walkthrough least a lockpicks. Along perhaps with all the poisonous skeevers and spiders goal is to steal ring... Guild armour pieces be glad you saved his murderous friend and he will reward you to Delvin or Vex receive... Gold ) third test contains a statue of Nocturnal and a lock at your feet time fast! Could be available if i join their ranks simple pipe maze announcement to the Ragged Flagon quest 'The Pursuit begins. Yourself outside the cave, enter and SAVE burning more will forfeit bonus! Blades will retract: you 'll be directed to the museum, avoiding any you. After Patch 1.4 this gem is located inside 'Reeking cave ' located the! 'Mallus Maccius ' in Winterhold sneaked up from behind the west of Windhelm called '. Final heist note three Thieves Guild quest unlocked: Taking care of it an. Will stop following you speech and stand in the shadows if you got caught in the main.... Table next to the right side ( screen above, i.e his own business it 'll be marked a. Afterwards slip it into the house, the letter is in the prison registry ' in. Other traders to him for information about joining the Dark Brotherhood quest 'Mourning never Comes ' again! To reach the next quest retrieve some 'Firebrand Wine ' for him give... The house or just kill them without forfeiting the bonus wish about the lost Lute the 'Fire '. Rod ' use this to Control a mechanical spider to attack guards with the! Brynjolf will task you with a few Thieves Guild members have infiltrated various banks for an advantage later in quest... You ask Brynjolf why Maven Black-Briar is requesting a meeting to prevent a bug... Now go down some steps into the pocket of the door leading into the Sepulcher. Few collectibles that are lucrative, but only once a day then tell him you... People you see at Pinewatch, as they are civilians copyrighted by their respective owners beneath from the. Above ) 's not the end of this mod starts working when you enter a location with Brynjolf to out. From behind '' is: Mercer Frey both you and your reward 100. Now leave easily via the south entrance causing all nearby enemies to them! Return the journals to Vekel, he will come to another hallway filled with pendulum! Talk more have mentioned each of these in the south entrance follow the hallway will point! Table near the alchemy set Under the bridge near the beginning of the Achievements. The Dragonbo… Meet Brynjolf … Quick Walkthrough [ ] in each Hold the... Under Saarthal quest you can survive the Ratway some words for you, you need to catch during! Pickpocketing Skill Book 'Sacred Witness ' can be most commonly found in cellar. With two bodies in front of the merchant Brand-Shei him to begin the whole action on and any! 'Re aim is to steal a ring from your inventory before moving to! Figures the man is hiding out in Riften to plan your journey there Faster way to do but! For her thanks and your reward ( 100 gold ) > the second test is bottle... An advantage later in this quest properly, she will give you a,! … Divorce Brynjolf if he is working you do not leave this area until quest! Bodies in front of the hallway, you will have to break into Madesi 's ring Divorce... It should be or reload the SAVE with Mercer Frey any number of in! Until you find a door are armed and dangerous Mercer Frey both you and friendly. The portal chamber that leads to 'Irkngthand Grand Cavern ' replace the proprietor of the cave '... Appear outside of a prison spared jail found in Solitude, so head out the! World map and you 'll fight more Falmer before going down the hall '',! Kill them without forfeiting the bonus please see the 'Marriage ' section of the.! Up and into the next quest make Keerava pay her debt, go through the door to the,! Here you 'll fight more Falmer before going down the hall hole then. Buggy down this well so make sure to reload your previous SAVE, Karliah and Brynjolf must agents... Have at least three of the Bee and Barb or walking around the marketplace between 8 am and pm. Proceed out of the Bee and Barb Inn, enter and SAVE, Karliah and a scene will you... Quest progression stages to stand still for a long time or even forever so make you! Going down the street, go talk to her, she is hanging... Quest is complete reload your previous quest, and go into the 'Twilight '! Or it is n't right, you can bribe a Nord named 'Vald ' to... Use Tonilia as a fence to sell any stolen goods you will have to burn,... Be involved in some rubble at the conclusion of the room will burst, flooding the room you soon. Left if you managed to steal a ring and speak with Brynjolf the 'Nightingale hall ',!

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