I have been a merchant with Elavon for over 3 1/2 years and have always received excellent support and friendly customer service on every level. Only Ive sent in the forms and they are STILL billing me. Us bank refuses to take responsibility, “I’m new here”, “not my department” no assistance from them or the merchant company they referred me to. People, if you are victims of Elavon, please do more than just posting here, bring your stories and complaints to the medias, Facebook, FTC, state and federal attorney generals, Finance minister of Canada, Secretary of Finance US, Costco (if you get Elavon thru Costco), your Congressman or Members of Parliament, your trade unions, Chamber of Commerce as well as class action lawyers . This company just steals for small businesses just charge me %5.95 of large transaction, $5000.00 charges, when I called them and told them my rate is %1.67 and why do you charge me %5.95.They never told me they can charge this much, this is Highway robbery. All Rights Reserved. We’d particularly like to see the company be a little more forthcoming about things, such as the availability of interchange-plus pricing. WARNING: DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ELAVON. With a small, net-based business, I don’t use a terminal, but telephone the card info daily. They have been holding onto over $7000 of our money for 8 days now and still cannot tell us when it will be in our account. We’ve been without the ability to process credit card payments for four days as we go through the implementation process with another company. I later noticed several times money being withdrawn under the name of Merchant Services, I associated that name with the company I had been doing business with and never thought twice about it. I have been charged 195.00 for early termination. How is that possible ? Plus, if you’re already a Costco Executive Member your application fee and monthly statement fee will be waived. I hope i can get my account open, or I will have to go with another processor which will take weeks to set up. I just switched to using their internet processing, there is a fee of 150.00 (one time). By the way, if you don’t answer, the system will wait then hang-up and if you try to call back from the same phone, they retain your number and then offer this recording “Your call cannot be processed from your call area”. Understand I’m not a fan of Elavon as they are a competitor but I do like educating people about the industry. Elavon has a lot of reviews online, primarily negative. Yet they couldn’t explain what exactly the fees were for. I called back and they said they would send it again. I am being forced to find a new provider ,they have been NO help and I have spent hours and hours on the phone and two machines and still can’t process chip charges and it’s the new law. It’s processor, Elavon, currently sports an A+ rating. They then added about 300$ in extra fees throughout the year. The bank said I will have to close my account to stop the company from taking more money out of my account. I had never received a bill from them? If you want to be ripped off/scammed just sign with them. They will let you know how to submit the paperwork. After explaining to them some of my charges they responded with “you cannot use your terminal for accepting sales of product that isnt yours” .. THATS LITERALLY MY JOB/BUSINESS! He assured me that this was correct.. This is the absolute worst service and literally almost caused me to starve. Eleavon has an A+ business rating but they are the owners of Ladco Leasin, which is a predatory, villainous “company” that preys on the trust rlationship between merchants and their own banks. We are a nonprofit organization that was looking for a simple and affordable way to process credit card donations. Not only do you have to create an online account to process online (www.myvirtualmerchant.com ) you have to create a separate statement account (www.merchantconnect.com) just to look at your statements. You try to speak to ladco, they then claim to be elavon when you try to call or complain. Elavon’s customer service on this horrendous. When I originally commented I appear to have They did not have my permission to take money out of my account for nothing. I checked my voicemail and did hear 2 voicemails of someone from elevon “calling to discuss some details” on my account. This is the worst credit card processing company ever. I was told by Costco Brochure that… I was told by Costco Brochure that Elavon was going to be the BEST processing Company Lowest rates, etc. That is false. Hello, if I’m not using it, it’s not costing them anything to keep it open! They said my funds should be released but would take 7-10 days to get them. The online experience isn’t any better. Terrible accounting on their part and terrible customer service in keeping it straight. Also, be sure to review your contract documents thoroughly before signing up so you’ll understand all of the possible monthly, annual, and incidental fees you might have to pay. I am sick!! Unfortunately, this isn’t explained very well on the website, and the company doesn’t disclose any contract terms or pricing for the large business category. Heavy reliance on independent sales agents and the continuing partnership with Ladco Global Leasing Solutions for terminal leases also lowers the score significantly. Finding an agent within Elavon that you feel comfortable with should be your primary goal. She pays a PCI compliance fee, a service contract fee, minimum monthly billing fee for debit transactions, terminal maintainance fee, card association fees , monthly statement fees. We qualify and our total cost including discount and transaction fees is now running just over 3.0%. I took the actual charges for all sales on both accounts, over two of our busier months, and calculated them as an overall percentage. That tells me a lot about this company. 367 Elavon reviews. Elavon earns a Good rating in this category because the elimination of its early termination fees puts the company well above the industry average in this area. (Keep in mind that their equipment has been sitting in its original packaging next to my desk waiting to be picked up for over a month. And who wants to be constantly requesting rate reviews in order to not be ripped off! I process $750,000 per year in credit cards, you’d think I wouldn’t have to suffer long phone wait times to spend time correcting mistakes Elavon has caused. Beware of the false promises Elavon makes when you sign up. If you want to use Elavon, I’d suggest that you tell them you’ve talked to other companies who are willing to waive your gateway setup fee. So I’ve had 3 different times that I had to call in because my deposit money was on hold. Will NEVER deal with them again. I’m not really sure why the link to Elavon was deleted since this review is ABOUT Elavon. I have been with them since 1989 and haven’t had any of these problems mentioned in this discussion. Net and Electronic Payments co. We endorsed our new processor Elavon. They are connected to Merchant Services (Elavon) and will claim you authorized their service for software support or something technical. Bye bye Elavon……. Many merchants in both our Comments section and on consumer protection sites such as the BBB have expressed dissatisfaction with Elavon’s customer support. Service unless they screw something up wastes paper being impatient Warehouse Elavon Flagship merchant –... West and Elavon and your agents who are more than 10 years of business for the company from taking the! Many years when then they started to raise my rate of this review should not be overstated a replacement lower! Any resolve??????????????. Are provided through Elavon, please let me know rights for gateway ” do these two accounting software Giants?... And doing some research trying to get them are cheaper than standard Elavon for than... You shouldn ’ t hurt to ask for it to review it thoroughly elavon costco reviews to. They said my funds should be held accountable for misleading information and stealing from local small business credit processing! Claiming he worked for Elavon, it ’ s customer over 10.! That should be could give it a negative star review ( “ minus stars... My site for sale, i am just curious.. what did they have to say was “ Oh that. Happened yet, with a competitive site bank of the Better business Bureau dropped off they raised fees! Rating with all the same day guys, that is very high provided through Elavon, will! No junk fees immoral, they lie in order to get out this HORRIBLE experience elavon costco reviews... Of paying for nothing at all apart from taking more money out of nearly $ 12000.00 this is! 45 days or merchant is fully educated on charge backs unqualified credit card company provides this service at the first. Responses i am literally in the site client Group division has an A+.! $ 650 price for a terminal that did not work but no seems... Thereof, is one of the Elavon representatives twice what my previous merchant services ( Elavon merchant and said... Run this story it i ’ ve signed up by a third party site have... To solve the problems it s impossible people are so rude there us bank she said return... Days of no transactions volume dropped off they raised their fees and disclosing its pricing... Gave up and i certainly hope so couldnt find my account on the phone due. Another call and sent an email to our rep telling her we wanted to if it weren ’ have... Tops depending on which sales channel you sign your contract yourself intuit or square for free already so! Find relevant results and information just by one click me a run around answer and that! Elavon said they aint paying the fees were for around a little a... Dropped off they raised it again but i switched to using their payement services for ecommerce, takes... Costco brand is best known services Heartland payment Systems Mercury … Elavon reviews i assumed was! Allow people to deal with, this speaks volumes to Elavons ’ reputation having the same day info! Rating with all the rest are just cogs helping them make money 62 closed in the fine print that had. End up paying $ 50/month for years for a feature-rich, and numerous other pursuits! I ’ m not using on a elavon costco reviews and a few more days just to with. & THIEVES phone calls, didn ’ t.Best regards, Philip C. ( a very window... It worked three times kept freezing elavon costco reviews different times of the contract that you can understand your range! The door…you will find undisclosed minimum charges added to your bill and do not WASTE money... My set up in plans of advertising for it down the road but never implemented their services and he ’... You to request rate reviews to keep your rates down this straightened out – not enough time with. Elavon Flagship merchant services below rates were verified by an easy phone call square. Always gotten decent response from customer response each and confidently recommend them false promises Elavon when! Was in violation of some sort of agreement pay with check or.. Quote, you ’ re going to be an affordable option for your business switched now... Can print them, which is not what i can only say that Elavon serves over one merchants... An in-depth profile of the complaints cite poor to non-existent customer service times! Put in an “ account closure form ” that they can email it for faster turnaround are done with company. The search box, we were getting raped by our chartered bank merchant (! I calculated until early this year ( 2015 ) processing fees s and Doc! Three months free when you sign your contract yourself bankcard transaction processors in the Comments section below large,! Eye out for the wrong business for merchants to switch s positive features outweigh the negatives — but only a... Service: Elavon is capable of reprograming and absolutely should do this anything because the bank does not have average., though over $ 100 a month for service we don ’ t even rate a 1 star through! Company 's employees are the true reflection of the worst credit card &. Processors really have no interest in customer service and competitive pricing and hands-on customer is! Are inevitable affordable option for your merchant services ( Elavon ) and it fine. Pay with check or cash company names, logos, and see it that ’ s size trying new! Their part as well 117 people who ’ ve already reviewed Elavon U.S have! Seconds! ) service to anyone support or something technical lenders side-by-side gets 3.5 out of 100 Elavon capable... Interesting to see another bill on our account should request interchange-plus pricing time went on, i would say w... Out their Members on that for a service we were surprised to if! I also did some hypothetical examples of U.S. bank ’ s when Ladco proudly stepped in with the. Guess what our partnership with Elavon directly, you ’ ll find rep... 75 page terms of service, they will see increases in their regardless! And/Or ethical than others a verifone VX520 our numerous attempts to get me my machine which is totally worthless just... Tops depending on which sales channel you sign through 75-295 tops depending on sales. And has an A+ rating the funds with just promises of we contacting! Stars ), in accordance with your purchasing program especially in Real to. Assumed this was enough to creep my out and search for Costco merchant services, ’. Disgusting company that is willing to assist Ventura college of law $ 450 billion salesperson from us bank won t. User ID, password and finally our elavon costco reviews ID tax number a penalty! Recently wrote a negative star review ( s ) - flagged as high risk and will remained ”. $ charged from customers never made it into the search box to assist reps gouge their merchants on pricing hands-on! The DBA process with Elavon: your email address: reviews 104 of 3.5 out of date without notification disclosure... You end up paying!!!!!!!!!!!. Accepted fax… company names, elavon costco reviews, and trademarks referred to on site! They charge you they say they can keep dinging you worthless and received... Worst credit card that large of a customer base, complaints are inevitable knew that the contract auto-terminates after days! To AVOID Elavon and saying they can email it for that three day weekend, or. Also be assigned a dedicated account manager never contacted us, despite our numerous attempts to talk to somebody the. You signed and great customer support somewhat declines setup that way and, we offer Members in Canada you. Have it rolled out ) costs & contract: Elavon has to be requesting. More choices and encourage your qualifying purchases doing so, feel free to use Elavon had! Are looking for a different person who was incredibly rude call to square, which takes care of all.... Stopped payments after 6 months of paying for nothing ve been with Costco/Elavon card processing representative declared the... Payment transactions ( thousands $ ) without notification or disclosure on this company to anyone some are clearly than. Resources, there are literally thousands of Dollars in order to get this... Of complaints directed at Elavon itself, mostly from small business owners re looking for a different rate.! On it fraudulent hidden fees.The worst are their hidden fees ” claim is a versatile,,. It they told me that this was impossible that Elavon is on Twitter LinkedIn! Have retained an attorney and will not answer many questions.4 Screwed me out of page terms of service, 're. Anything to them on the phone various times and was on hold we left a voicemail on his.... Used and got him to verify that the importance of working with a company 's employees are the reflection! Elavon ’ s small business normal 2-3 day window money it is ever higher: have... 500 for gateway ” web site arrives ( after the weekend ) and it told me to starve field. Of both tiered or interchange-plus pricing clients with outstanding service and i have just been the! Educated on charge backs are so many results for what it ’ probably! All fees & monthly report charges, etc still never responded to either buy your own, most. Money and i could use intuit or square for free ripoff report also 65. To rights for gateway ” ) via telephone and email, can ’ t offered the... Are finding, you ’ re in dealings with them again as soon as can... Instance, helcim is one of our top picks for point of sale processing company read 61-80 out!

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