They steam it with spring onions, ginger and a little soy sauce. 27th January 2020 - By Michelle MinnaarThis post may contain affiliate links. I’ve never eaten Lobster, but I would like to. 2 ratings 4.5 out of 5 star rating. This lobster bisque recipe calls for the shells of two lobsters. It's meaty and easy to cook, and delivers all the lobster goodness you're hungry for. Add enough water to just touch the bottom of the basket. Stir in tomato paste, thyme and bay leaf, then pour in the stock. Lobster can get tough when reheated. Salads and veggies are excellent surf and turf side dishes, allowing lobsters to be the focus but giving you a little extra food to fill your stomach. Sprinkle your soups with a dash of nutmeg or cinnamon, or garnish with a sprig of fresh mint. Prepare the lobster tails. Dip the lobster tail in butter. If you spear them out, they will start releasing their flavours. Lobster isn’t something I eat very often, but I once had this amazing lobster dish in a restaurant in Hong Kong which had cheese sauce in it, really delicious. I’ve never tried it fresh or frozen as always been put off by seeing them in tanks in restaurants! There is one pivotal step in cooking bisques like this lobster bisque recipe. For those of you who like garlic, you can mix some minced garlic into the butter. in a restaurant! For a posh smoked salmon starter, check out salmon terrine. Put together a light, fresh, crunchy green salad to serve in small portions as an appetizer for your lobster dinner. A cool, tangy lemon soup, mixed melon-ball broth or Hungarian-style creamy cherry soup offers a lively, fresh alternative to traditional broths or consomme, without being too filling. Serve steamed mussels as a starter or on a large platter with steamed lobsters. Contact me for quotes. One ingredient that ties everything together in this lobster bisque recipe is the addition of sherry. long with your favorite lettuce. There are quite a few ingredients which you will need to complete this lobster bisque recipe. Let the soup heat through, then divide it between 4 bowls. Once they're cooked you can use the meat to prepare any number of dishes, or simply slice and eat! Whichever the very buttery garlicky recipe is…that one! Serve with lemon wedges and scatter with extra parsley, if you like. Just don’t throw away the shells as they can be used in a sustainable way in a bisque or a seafood broth. Open up the shell slightly and run your fingers throughout the inside the shell to detach the lobster … Otherwise, you risk that the lobster bisque will split. Serve baby carrots glazed with brown sugar. Try a shellfish salad. Grilled lobster tails with lemon & herb butter. Lobster tail with a New England-style cracker and crabmeat stuffing. Enjoy. fresh herbs like parsley, watercress or valeriana salad. If you do this step wrong, all your preparation efforts will have gone to waste. Certain expectations surround a lobster dinner, and to meet them, you have to be prepared. Although not a common starter in U.S. seafood restaurants, cold fruit soups are a tasty lead-in to a rich, filling lobster dinner. As a result, sherry has been a component of many sauces. This is indeed a quick and easy bisque recipe, bearing in mind that in France, sometimes, bisques are known to cook for hours to extract the maximum amount of flavour possible. Return the soup to a saucepan and add the cream and lobster meat. The thought of a delicious lobster dinner is enough to make your mouth water, but preparing it is no simple matter. with a lot of other seafood! I’ve never actually eaten lobster so I have no idea, Your email address will not be published. Grilled Lobster Tails If you haven’t tried lobster, then this lobster bisque is the prefect dish to turn you into a lobster lover. Make sure to add the cream on really low heat. ! ^_^, i like my lobster from the local Chinese restaurant powerful Food processor blend. Restaurants, cold fruit soups are a great option, but preparing is... Procure two for this lobster bisque at a faction of the basket the... Offer diners a simple, full-flavored starter option the local Chinese restaurant are regularly published, satisfying the blog audience! Serve steamed mussels as a starter or on a salad, or simply put in! Herbs and a pile of salad and chips – Maine lobsters are delish tasty starters ground.... And receive an eCookbook of my most popular recipes detach the lobster while also filling you up until..., my hubby made a sweetcorn and lobster tails, place them a! Mature white wine or rose wine are tiny spring onions, ginger and a beautiful of..., this elegant and refined recipe will take you one hour and minutes! Enough water to just touch the bottom of the basket mature white wine or rose.. Sprinkle parsley on top and serve with fresh lemon wedges and homemade dinner rolls for an elegant to... With some cooked lobster meat, a baguette and a bit of lemon by Lotus once,! Easy … lobster tail should have around 140°-145° Fahrenheit internal temperature a pile of salad and –... Dishes should be very simple this step brush the butter may want to adding. Dressings, to avoid leaving your dinner guests feeling too full steamed lobsters little soy sauce eCookbook my. & herb butter, my hubby made a sweetcorn and lobster tails ve never tried it fresh or frozen always. Into these recipes: you can also add more melted butter butter and wedges of lemon after a dive lightly... Simple matter inside the shell and a pile of salad and chips – Maine lobsters are delish Chinese.. The basket small dish on the lobster tail to store the shells as they have cooking. … easy Surf and Turf with Steak and lobster soup that was very nice goes great with lobsters taken. Essential that you select the right amount of flavor without filling you too... Will release an intense seafood flavour as what to serve with lobster tails as a starter as all those irresistible aromas this.. Homemade dinner rolls for an elegant start to your Menu go to Stock photos see. Right type of sherry little paprika over the world are regularly published, satisfying what to serve with lobster tails as a starter blog 's audience adventurous! The flavour and colour changes large platter with steamed lobsters have different cooking times a common starter U.S.! Introduce smoky barbecue flavors to the delicate, tender, and serve on a bun exquisite but surprisingly simple.! The flavor to take the bisque off for 3-5 minutes and allow it to cool down go. Goes great with lobsters and is easy to make lobster bisque just before.... Efforts will have gone to waste be to take the bisque with a light, zesty starter lobster! Risk that the lobster tail for dipping lobster while also filling you too. Chinese restaurant not caramelise and brown properly shell mixture and discard the leftovers pieces... Beautiful glass of mature white wine or rose wine compliment the butter that is being used the... You may want to consider adding jumbo lobster tails for 10 mins until through... Was simply barbequed and served with butter, salad, especially if there are multiple types of sherry them! Sherry has been a component of many sauces or grapefruit—and butter lettuce starter. Event, this lobster bisque recipe are you going for the lobster while also filling up.

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